Surface Testing


EPH performs surface tests for parquet and veneered wood flooring, laminate floor coverings, resilient flooring including cork flooring, MMF-flooring and bamboo flooring.

Andreas Moeschner


Andreas Moeschner

Test engineer

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Resistance tests

  • Abrasion resistance with sand paper and falling sand method
  • Scratch and microscratch resistance
  • Impact resistance (small and big ball)
  • Stain and cigarette burn resistance
  • Resistance against castor chair and furniture leg
  • Elasticity tests of parquet coatings
  • Indentation resistance
  • Adhesion tests

Resistance against environmental influences

  • Light fastness tests
  • Changing temperature and changing climate tests

Safety relevant properties

  • Slippery resistance tests
  • Electrostatic behaviour
Microscratch resistance
Microscratch resistance
Light fastness test
Light fastness test
Electrostatic behaviour
Electrostatic behaviour