In the the frame of the European CORNET Research Project SurfParquet of the institutes IHD Dresden and Holzforschung Austria different aspects of product quality of parquets were investigated.

Andreas Fischer

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Andreas Fischer

Synthetic binders · Wood chemistry · Wood preservatives

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  • Parquet highlights the qualities of wood, as a natural and appealing flooring material. Surface structuring puts further emphasis on the natural structure of timber.
  • As a natural product, parquet is sensitive to moisture and building chemicals; this sensitivity can be counterbalanced by suitable surface coatings and precautions during building phases.
  • One of the advantages of parquet floorings is the possibility to rework them after some time of usage, here new concepts with a focus on structured surfaces must be developed.
  • Main results of the research project:
    • Coating materials such as oils and waxes are characterised with regard to improvement of the haptic and optic properties of the (structured) surfaces.
    • Through parametric studies the causes of parquet discolouration were clarified, and an evaluation method for parquet resistance towards building chemicals was developed.
    • Innovative concepts for cleaning and restoring these surfaces were developed especially in regard to structured surfaces.
Coating behavior on structured parquet
Coating behavior on structured parquet
Parametric study on discolouration causes
Parametric study on discolouration causes