MMF floor coverings consist of different polymer layers. These material composites have a lot of advantages. The disadvantage of polymers is their temperature sensitivity.

Petra Schulz


Petra Schulz

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Initial situation

  • Resilient or MMF floor coverings show concave or convex deformations or/and gaping of joints when exposed to unusual temperatures, such as solar irradiation.Normative methods make use of only small samples without any joints.
  • The simulated heat impact does not correspond with real practice.


  • The investigations takes place in a research project of IHD, which was started in june of 2019.
  • It we‘ll be investigating various test setups (approx. 4.5 m² and approx. 0.5 m²).
  • The larger test setup is being installed with various sensors to evaluate the deformation behaviour.
  • The thermal irradiation takes place from above of a partial area of the flooring.

State of affairs

  • Investigation of the thermally induced deformation behaviour of different floor coverings on the large hotspot setup and on the table hotspot setup.
  • Validation of the first treshold to differentiate between thermally stable and unstable product qualities.

Scheme of a measuring procedure